Monday, May 29, 2006

New Beginnings

First, some introductions. I am an American graduate student studying in England. I am a new school Democrat. There was a time when I could have been a Republican (maybe), but no longer understand what that means with the current wave of big government spending, interventionist foreign policy, oppressive domestic laws, etc.

I believe that invading Iraq was a disaster; Bush's tax cuts have exacerbated the greatest economic inequality since the days of the Robber Barons; CEO's are paid obscene amounts of money, regardless of their performance; Robbing a convenient store for $200 will put you behind bars for decades, but you can steal $2 billion dollars from stock holders and walk away, unless you are the rare, unlucky leaders of Enron or Worldcom; Immigration is pushing down wages for the poorest Americans and there is not an adequate support system; Our current attitude towards Iran is inflammatory and is not helping convince them to abandon their nuclear ambitions; Privatization is seen as the solution to all domestic social problems; and there is no balance of power in Washington, because the Republicans control all branches of government.

I am frustrated with this recent turn of events and will sometimes use this as a forum to discuss why other people should be upset as well. This blog will focus on US politics, economics and foreign policy. There will also be some posts on African Development, which is my hobby.

Do not be mistaken. I am biased. This blog is neither fair nor balanced, although it is more neutral than Fox news. I'm hoping to get some of my compatriots to contribute from time to time.